Saturday, September 27, 2008

A debate reflection

I thought McLame was actually carrying the day at first, but as I reflected on what he actually said and how he spoke, I realized that at worst this was a draw for Obama (which is a win, really). McShame told stories. He didn't directly answer most of the questions, instead trying to go with a personal narrative every time he had his 2 minutes from Lehrer. Obama answered more of the questions directly, and he stayed calm and didn't rise to the taunting McSame threw at him. In contrast, McShrub came off as combative and petulant, like a six year-old who's up past his bedtime. This was supposed to be his moment to shine, but apparently someone forgot the polishing rags.

Best moment for me was the bracelet story. Yeah, Senator McCain, we've heard that story hundreds of times, because you've shamelessly pandered that woman's grief hundreds of times. Hey, Senator Obama has a bracelet, too. And that woman's grief is just as significant. No soldier's sacrifice is ever in vain, pal. Never. To suggest that anyone would think otherwise is asinine.

No knockout, no TKO, but Obama wins on points.

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