Thursday, July 22, 2010

Virtual Runner 2010

This is one of many worthy causes, but it's one from which I can directly see the effects.

It's simple: I run some road races (and maybe a few cross-country), and whoever feels like helping out kids donates to the Epilepsy Association through my link. The donors are the "virtual runners" and I'm the actual runner they sponsor.

Why? My daughters have a friend named Lucy, who has epilepsy. A year and a half ago, it seemed that Lucy would never be able to return to school, play like any other kids, or even be able to learn her ABC's. Her seizures were that bad.

Thanks in large part to the Epilepsy Association, Lucy's parents (who are good friends of mine and Mrs. Pilgrim99) discovered a treatment regimen that includes a very strict diet which has transformed Lucy's life. Instead of life-threatening seizures, Lucy plays with her friends, is able to go to school again, and knows a lot more than just the alphabet.

If you are so inclined, please click the link to my donation page. If not, thanks for reading!

Epilepsy Association Virtual Runner

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