Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Say it ain't so, Sal!"

Sal Paolantonio is dead to me. he should be dead to anyone who considers themselves a philadelphia sports fan. not that he was ever great at reporting on, writing about, or analyzing philly sports, but now he's just embarrassing us. it's not that he just willfully misreported the truth (to the rest of the country), rather he did it just to make headlines on ESPN. in my neighborhood that's called a sellout.

I had to rewind my shitty comcast HD box (my 4th one in the last calendar year - HOLLA!), to make sure I really heard Sal say what I thought I heard him say on ESPN earlier tonight (I'm not paraphrasing, these were his precise words): "The Eagles offensive MVP this year is not Michael Vick. It's LeSean McCoy," as he led into a story about the Birds/Packers matchup later on Sunday.

Wow. He is either dumber than Howard Eskin and Tony Bruno combined, or he hasn't watched the Philadelphia Eagles this season. I've met the guy and talked to him before. I liked him. Now, I think he sucks ass. Sorry, it's just I expect a tad bit of objectivity when it comes to my sports consumption, especially coming from Philadelphia reporters who are from here.


Matthew Neal said...

Well, that's a bold statement. No Mike Vick, no playoffs...but LeSean's been good and I would argue a steady dose of LeSean is the cure for getting through the playoffs to the big game. It's the only way Vick will stop getting crushed with the slow developing plays and it will open up the passing game. But MVP, no. Sal is usually better.

spacejace said...

Replace Vick w/ Kolb this year, and we're not even playing a game today (we'd have won 2 or 3 less games). Nothing LeSean couldve done about it. I love LeSean, but this isn't about him. It's about Sal being an idiot. Then u throw in the lunatic analysis/reporting from a week ago ("Reid may give Vick the quick hook"), and it adds up to Sal being more of an amateur than me, when it comes to assessing the Birds....