Friday, February 11, 2011

Kanye, dude. Great new record, but your lyrics have gotten even worse, yo!

a comment I made on a website earlier today, in lieu of "proper review"...

In case you're wondering, the new Kanye West record is very good, like all his records (the first 3 are great). I repeat: very good. the problem I have w/ giving this one "great" status, however, is his juveni...le lyrics/assertions/allusions are the worst they've ever been on any records; and there a lots of them on this one. they're just finally annoying me. since day #1 he's had a certifiable 'wack' style (one of the reasons many don't like him, and I do), and truth be told, has never strung together a complete record w/out some amount of weak-azz/bad lyrics. but the music/beats/vocals/songwriting/production and even good lyrics always overshadowed those. once again, the songs/vocals/guest contributions/beats & arrangements are off the charts/great on this new one. but it's littered w/ more bad/weak/immature lyrics than ever before. so many, it gets in the way, for me. was kind of hoping he'd get better in that regard. plus, Jay Z's on it (still), who's terrible, as usual.

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