Friday, October 24, 2008

An Attempt at an October Surprise?

Well. Amid reports of the McCain campaign imploding, with staffers already flinging resumes to all possible employment refuges and backstabbing aplenty (as Governor Caribou Cupcake shops at Saks)...we now have reports of the campaign pushing a made-up attack against a supporter before the details were released.

A spokesman for the McCain campaign gave reporters an inflammatory version of Thursday's hoax story about a McCain volunteer being attacked by a man who carved a "B" into her face, Pittsburgh's KDKA reported.
Long before any facts about the Ashley Todd case had been established, McCain's Pennsylvania campaign communications director told reporters the alleged attacker had told the woman, "You're with the McCain campaign? I'm going to teach you a lesson."

(via Raw Story, emphasis mine)

Of course, the supposed attacker was a "black man".

McCain Campaign. Finished.

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Anonymous said...

The McCain campaign might be over, but the Republican Noise Machine is just warming up. The Ashley Todd hoax was clearly the work of an amateur. But the pros at the Noise Machine will go right to work on Nov. 5th. They'll claim voter fraud, violence and intimidation at the polls, and other crap to undermine the legitimacy of the election. And then they'll move on to character assassination -- eventually they'll find the white girl willing to say the Barack was the black man who attacked her. And procedural distractions in Congress -- call it No Filibuster Left Behind. Rush and Fox News and the Wall Street Journal and the National Review and the religious nutjobs -- and all their heavily armed followers -- can't wait for Nov. 5.