Tuesday, October 7, 2008


McLame needed a gamechanger.

He got donut.

McShame couldn't even hang around to shake hands and take pictures after the "debate" ended. That croaking sound you hear may be the fat lady warming up her vocal chords.

Counting one's chickens is not generally advisable, but seriously, after the lameness of the McSame performance and the outright racism and violence-peddling of Caribou Barbie® earlier in the day, should we maybe start getting used to President Obama? Think about it: the stock market circles the drain even more, McLame proposes a mortgage bailout only a guy like Kucinich could love, his running mate seems to go off the reservation completely (and it is a BIG reservation out there, you betcha') by reveling in her crowds' cries to "kill" Obama, and then the douche-nozzle can't even hang out for five minutes to shake hands with the very people whose questions he allegedly was answering for the last hour and a half?


Electoral blowout in the making.

Keep the faith people, let's win.

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