Monday, November 17, 2008

election results update; yes, it's a LANDSLIDE!

By ANY measure, Obama, Dems and Others executed a landslide two weeks ago (feel free to look at past elections for historical numbers and other landlsides; fun and interesting). Here are the current numbers, as per MSNBC, one of the 'numbers leaders' this last election cycle:

Obama: 365 electoral votes
McShame: 173 electoral votes

Obama: 53% of the popular vote
McShame: 46% of the popular vote (wow. just wow)

Obama: 66,672,090 people voted for him.
McShame: 58,223,676 people voted for him....a difference of 8.5 million people. (wow. just wow).

...yep, there's that many clueless americans still left in this country, but hey, it's about 3 million less than 4 years ago!

Congrats to Pilgim for doing a MUCH better job at guessing the outcome than I did. he actually beat out MOSY analysts nationwide!

Senate info...
Dems have 57 seats.
Repubs have 40 seats.

3 races still pending...

MN: Al Franken (DEM) has a mere 206 vote deficit (that is NOT a misprint) out of a few million votes agaisnt Coleman (GOP). They are tied at 42% with the poplualr vote. Automatic recount STARTS later this week.
CCC prediction: too close to call.

GA: State law dictates that a winner can't be crowned until someone has 51% of the vote. Repub, Chamblis has 50% and Dem Martin has 47% I think. There will be a "run-off" election between just the two of them sooner than later.
CCC prediction: Chamblis/Repubs win this one.

Alaska: This race stands at esentially a tie, 47% to 47%, w/ the Dem Beigich currently holding onto a 1,000 vote lead over very recently-convicted felon (7 times!) and all around asshole Ted Stevens (Repub). However, there are more original votes to still be counted, absentee, provisional and paper ballots as well, to my understanding. After that, there may still be a re-count. Many of these votes are from Democratic counties I believe.
CCC prediction: Beigich/Dems win this one.

Senate shaping up to be a 58-41 in favor of Dems, w/ the MN race too close to call. Could end up being 59-41 which you HAVE to love.

I think we're up to 20 seats gained in the house and more coming. I'll get to that later, unless Pilgrim wants to takles the status of those races and "what we think we know" already.

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