Saturday, June 13, 2009

Can right-wing hate talk lead to murder?

I've been wondering the same thing for years now, seeing as these mainstream media types speak to millions and millions every day, consistently preying upon those less-educated throughout our country (red-staters, rednecks, other reds, et all...). Well check out this video and corresponding article (click on title of this post for full article) - sj

Can right-wing hate talk lead to murder?
By Joan Walsh
Wed, June 10th, 2009

I was on "Hardball" today talking about the climate of extreme right-wing rhetoric today, and whether it had anything to do with Wednesday's tragic shooting at Washington's Holocaust Museum, or the May 31 murder of Dr. George Tiller by an antiabortion crackpot.

I tried to choose my words carefully. Unless it's shown that either man had accomplices, we have to be clear that the men responsible for those murders are the ones who pulled the trigger. Still, it's hard not to think about the extreme right-wing rhetoric, especially about Barack Obama, and whether it could conceivably lead to more right-wing violence. You can see whether I succeeded here (more text follows the video):

The range of crazy ideas about Obama is broad and wide: He's a secret Muslim, he's going to take our guns, he's even the anti-Christ! James von Brunn just happened to be a "birther," one of the nuts who believe that Obama wasn't born here, his birth certificate is fake, and he thus isn't eligible to be president. I thought it was strange and maybe a little ominous last summer when suddenly Obama was labeled a "socialist" and a "Marxist"; Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are arguably more liberal than Obama; why did he get tagged with that sinister, subversive, alien ideology? It seemed linked to the fact that he's just so … different from other politicians, so easy to marginalize and, frankly, demonize.

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Anne Hillman said...

Right wing talk can lead to __________ . You name it. They sure know how to rile 'em up.

I have to say of those pictured, I kind like Patrick Buchanan. He is an excellent debater. I don't agree with many of his views (immigration, while male victimization) but find Libertarians like him sharing some opinions with Liberals like me. Libertarians are like Liberals without the racism. Anyway, Pat Buchanan respects the rules of debate - he is nowhere near the blowhard that O'Reilly,Rush, Hannity, and that tool Glenn Beck.

Jace said...

I actually agree w/ Pat on some immigration policies, and also the importance of securing the southern borders before it gets any crazier. For now.... Our immigration system needs a big overhaul. Don't you mean Libertarians are like Liberals but WITH racism? Libertarians are also split on abortion. Ron Paul is not for the women's right to choose. Period. And he - and all liberatarians are against affirmative action. To take it a step further, I PLENTY of libertarians who are flat-out racist.

Anne Hillman said...

oops, yup, I meant like Liberals but with racism.
Immigration, where do we start!?!?