Monday, June 15, 2009

We Have No Standing to Complain About Election Fraud

Craig Crawford
June 15, 2009 6:00 AM
CQ Politics

Who are we to gripe about Iran's arguably rigged election? We most likely elected the wrong guy in 2000.

If the Supreme Court had not hastily short-circuited the Florida recount, we might know for sure whether another tally could have confirmed what we now know to be true -- that most of the state's voters really intended to elect Al Gore. Or we might have seen some meaningful scrutiny of suspiciously late-arriving military overseas ballots that actually delivered George W. Bush's last-minute margin of victory.

Under the circumstances we probably ought to leave the outrage about Iran's questionable balloting to nations with a better established record of putting the real winners in office.


Anne Hillman said...

I'm not so outraged at the election being rigged. Who knows WTF happened - it's Iran for chrissake. Surely bent. I am more intrigued by the uprising against the election - never thought it would get like this. It's madness over there, I love it! Also as I said previously completely shicked at the lack of coverage over the weekend on the 24 hr cable news stations. Twitter owns the iran story. Caught CNN last night referencing, ah, Twitter posts!

Jace said...

CNN didn't 'space; it didn't slip their mind. They CHOSE not to go with the story being that big if a deal. I agree with them, for reasons I already stated on fbook.