Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fail Wankees! Go Phils!

I'm lovin' me some Wankee hate-fest here in Cleveburg. It's easy, even though CC will be on the mound. But, really, CC wouldn't have stuck around anyway. The sight of him in pinstripes is a first-degree, super-duper, extra-large, get-the-job-done barf fest.

C.P. Lee, that's our guy. A gamer. This guy came back from some seriously shitty performances and injuries and was lights out for a Cy Young even though his team sucked dirty canal water. We hated that he had to leave. We loved that he went to the Phils.

Ahh, the Phils. If there's any team a Clevelander can pull for in the senior circuit, it's the Phillies. Blue-collar, hard-luck, smile and smack-you-in-the-face-at-the-same time baseball. That's an American League style lineup you've got there. One through eight can hit the crap out of the ball any day.

So A-Roid has a "resurgence" in the playoffs. He's "exonerated".

He's an ass. Cliff, a little chin music please.



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