Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a brief review of 2009 Eagles predictions made back in Sept 08

To view the original blogpost with all predictions/thoughts I made back in Sept. click here

Prediction: Birds would be 10 & 6, based on their light schedule, and that "they may squeak in as a wild card (like they did in the 2007 season), but will exit playoffs in first or second round."
Reality: they went 11 & 5, winning one more game than I thought they would, and have in fact made it to the post-season as the 6th and final seed.

Prediction: they'd go 3 & 3 in division.
Reality: they went 4 & 2, sweeping 'skind and giants, losing both games to Dallas. Again, slightly better than I thought they'd do.

Prediction: They'd lose the first two games, and win the next four, settling in at 4 & 2 after their first 6 games.
Reality: They went 1 & 1, then 3 & 1; they were 4 & 2 after 6, just not exactly like I thought.

Prediction: I called it even money, as to whether Reid would employ Vick properly. I didn't know what he was thinking, but surely didn't think it likely for him Vick like other top coaches around the league would have see orig post for more on this).
Reality: only flashes of him using Vick properly; Reid most def failed in this regard.

Prediction: "Reid will continue to undervalue the running game and not run as much as he should, like he has his previous 10 years here."
Reality: Sure, he undervalued the running game, did not run enough, and failed miserably at committing to running (and he has the losses to prove it), HOWEVER, during the 6-winning streak (winter stretch), he DID actually preside over the longest, consecutive game stretch, with a balanced offensive attack in his 11-years here! TOTAL SHOCK! His previous record before reverting back to his unbalanced, cumbersome, not-ideal, "pass early, often, always," offensive scheme, was two games; he TRIPLED that during the 6-game win streak! Why? THAT is the question no writers, or media personnel have asked Reid yet; and seemingly never will. Perhaps I'll go knock on his door one of these days and ask him!

I do beleive Eagles will lose for the third time versus Dallas this weekend, and exit in the first round, but more on this prediction later in week, perhaps.

Question: has anyone heard about the date/time for the Parade we get for being the "Gold Standard" in the league (for which all other NFL teams shall be measured by), as per Owner Jeff Lurie's assessment a couple of years ago?

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