Saturday, January 9, 2010

NFL wild card playoff predictions...

Dallas 25
Eagles 23...this score is very close to my score prediction a week ago, I realize. But for today's game I am much more confident this game will be much closer, perhaps a nail-biter. Last weekend I spoke about how neither team had superior match-ups or players than the other, and how coaching wasn't better one way or the other. The difference in predicting a Dallas win last weekend I discussed, was desire, confidence, revenge, cohesion, and those sort of things. And as you saw, that was the difference-maker (although they surely looked like they had better players and coaches on the field!): there was no way Dallas was losing last weekend. They took it to the Birds in every aspect, and won the game in the first quarter. They were on fire. Birds were, "eh."

I do not expect that this weekend. I expect the Eagles to come out tonight and come close - if not equalling - in matching the cowpatties in heart, motiviation and fire. That alone will make the game closer. What I don't expect, however, is for Eagles to do everything they need to do win. I fully expect Reid to not commit to the run enough, which we all know by now is a 'must' to truly put this team's players in the best postition to succeed. And it's difficult to expect that both the offense, defense, and individual players (McNabb, DeSean Jackson, etc) will all play great. Because Dallas is playing very well now, and the game/refs are in Dallas, I do think the Eagles need to have a perfect game to win. That's asking a lot, which is why I think Dallas wins. If Eagles can put together a perfect game, or the defense can figure out everything they did wrong last weekend (which was the main reason we lost) and get 2 or 3 turnovers, then we can win w/out being perfect. But one thing I KNOW we have to do to stand a chance, is double-team Austin Miles. He commands it, and he must be taken out of the game w/ Asante Samuel and either one of our safeties or a thirs CB. Secondly, we need to blitz and get crazy pressure on Romo - in a timely fashion. I don't know if Sean McDermott (D. Coord) and our front 7 are capable of this but they have to try this weekend. They surely didn't last weekend. An Eagles win today, however, would be GI-GANTIC, and even the possibility of a win, has already made my day.

Other games:
Packers beat Arizona in a barnburner. No A. Boldin seals the deal for me on this one.
Bengals beat Jets, because let's face it: the Jets aren't that good.
Patriots beat the Ravens because of better coaching and Tom Brady.

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