Sunday, February 21, 2010

here's what my iPod played on shuffle, this AM.. the kitchen, as I ground my French Roast coffee beans, and began to clean up the mess!
Doom - Gazillion Ear
Huffamoose - We've Been Had Again
Smashing Pumpkins - Siva
Police - Hole In My Life
Sierra Maestro - Son Para Ti
Butthole Surfers - Whirling Hall of Knives
Beastie Boys - in 3's
Led Zep - Rock n Roll
Cornershop - Candyman
The Ethiopians - Train to Skaville
Hives - Declare Geurre Nucleaire
Original Sins - Happy Birthday Jesus
Alice Donut - Tiny Ugly World
Outkast - I'll Call Before I Come
Caterpillar - I'm OK, You're OK
Kanye West - Barry Bonds
Joy Division - The Only Mistake
Jesu - Silver
Paul Morelenbaum - Brigas Nunca Mais

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