Saturday, February 27, 2010

Raise your kids right

You know the best part about getting older? Fucking nothing.
I do try and raise my two sons, ages 12 and 6 with a keen eye and a sense of independence in thought and spirit. I still absolutely wonder at the world around me and I find that sloganeering aside, I actually get less cynical as I get older. Kids'll do that (sometimes). When they were younger we did the nursery rhymes and Raffi, and even tried the Dan Zanes and Brady Rhymer etc. I'm not knocking any of it as I guess it was done to me and I turned out more or less OK.
The older boy, James is 12 and a full hard-on teenager (intentional). He is amazing on guitar; on this snowy Saturday walking around the house dressed in just his black robe, a ski hat and unplugged electric slung low, and asks the old man for a good song for him to learn now that he has mastered the canon of Green Day and Nirvana. Being the Good Father I went old school on him and dug this out, appealing to my longing to keep my boy--well, a boy, while also considering how right in the gut cool it is that I can turn him on to irrefutably exceptional music like San Francisco's Flipper. Saving Sex bomb for another (sniff) poignant shared moment together someday soon.

"Isn't it Sinister to swallow a Minister"

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