Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hollis P. Monroe: never heard of him, but I love this rap...

So I stumbled upon this dude on facebook, as we have a mutual friend. clicked on the info tab, saw this rap on there and loved it:

"the old-school raver, the thong and panty saver, the kid that's best on bad behavior
the best friender, the leg bender, running up in spots that say "do not enter"
the unwilling procrastinator, the apparent quebecois fascinator, reading futures: that belt will be unfastened later
the music maker, the ass shaker, orgasm faker as not to be a heart breaker
the deep house music lover, the wack circle dancer shover, staring deep into her eyes when i'm standing above her
the no class dismisser, the dumb young girl disser, the takin' care of business, powersuit wearin' MILF kisser
the true love seeker, the tb-303 tweeker, over in the corner dancing by the speaker
the non-smoker non-drinker, the naughty thoughts thinker, whenever on the islands coconut bra clinker
the unpredictable, the pleasantly atypical, keeping my ambition linear and all my love cyclical
the anything once tryer, the shell toe adidas buyer, the peeps i don't know me trying add me deny-er
well actually, that's just for myspace, i'm more open on the book after face, anything can happen in that case."

it cracked me up. requested him as friend, live chatted a bit, and here I am posting about him. I'll be checking out his work 'more for sure' when I get a chance. he's got a Philly connection and a big fan base. If anyone wants to add more about him - clue me in, basically - please do, in comments!

here's his facebook page with lots more links..and here's the intro from the home page of one of his websites

"welcome and thanks for coming. most of you already know the gist of my story. i'm an electronic music producer and occasional dj. since 1994, i have sporadically released material under various pseudonyms with the most popular being dj decent, universal agents (with g-pal) and of course, my given name, hollis p monroe. within, you will be able find out some of the details...."

"What up Hollis!?!"

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