Wednesday, March 3, 2010

most leotarded current fad: Rahm-bashing

here's a comment I made on HuffPo after reading another Rahm-bashing piece, this one by Dan Froomkin, who I like, actually. - sj

Yawn. Rahm-bashing is SOooo 2009. The only way Rahm goes anywhere is if Obama makes another avoidable rookie mistake and cans him. Rahm has done more for the Democratic party than Froomkin or these other bloggers making a fashion statement could ever dream of. Expect this Rham-bashing festival by amateur progressive dems to be a distant memory in a matter of months. I'm a hardcore, radical, liberal dem progressive and I respect the guy, agree with him on most everything, and like him. And btw, Rahm was EXACTLY right: the progressives who wanted to spend their hard earned/raised cash to run ads against conservadems? It was an extremely stupid idea.


Greg Hagin said...

I might agree that running ads against conservadems is a waste of resources but the progressive base is crying out for some aggressive push back against the Repug's. In many ways the Blanche Lincolns and Ben Nelsons (and no doubt ol' Joey Lieberman) are as bad as Cantor and Boehner. We should primary them out even if it means spending cash "against our own".

Jace said...

agreed, Greg. spinlessness as been a Dem core value since I was born. Thoroughly annoying and countr-productive. Couldn't agree more. but the potential ad-buy progressives were considering was not a good time or way to waste resources, either to help the actual policy, or politically. The things preogressives are actually bashing Rahm for - slow Gitmo closing, not having the Khalid shiek mohammed trial in NYC, and that aforementioned ad buy - I happen to agree with him on; for prudent, political reasons.