Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Governor Jindal = Epic Fail

Did he really use Katrina as an example? He went there?
I had heard Jindal was actually intelligent. WTF did we see last night?

David Brooks thought it was a "disaster".

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spacejace said...

People talk about how bright this guy is, but he proved he's anythign but: he sat there in his rebuttal, talkign about "you can do it!" and "you don't need government!" but As Governor of LA, he has accepted $175,000,000 (actually, it might've been $175,000,000,000, I'll have to look) in Federal Government funds, loans, and payouts to help rebuild New Orleans - HELLLooooooooo!!! it's amazing to me lots of people don't see this! Plus, I would like to add: Just because the "government" we've had the last 8 years has been the worst ever and not been any to help to American and/or Americans (by and large), doesn't mean THIS governemnt won't. I know, Jindal, I know: You, and many of us are jaded, as to what the government CAN ACTUALLY DO to help, since we've gotten used to Bush and republicans like yourself actually screwing us, instead of helping us the last decade. It's understandable you feel that way.