Sunday, February 1, 2009


So here are the results of two polls, in which I asked people how much they would hypothetically (duh!) pay to spend the night with Orlando Bloom (great-looking dude; very cool; actor) or Miranda Kerr (gorgeous super-model, also very cool). They've been dating for at least a year and there are many rumors they'll soon be getting married.

The multiple choice answers for each were: $500, $1000, $2500 and $5000. Here's the breakdown on each:

Orlando Bloom: 6 responses. 50% would pay $2500 or more to spend the night with him. The other 50% $1000 or less. 2 would pay $5000.

Miranda Kerr drew a little more excitement: 11 responses. 8 people (72%) would gladly pay $5000 to spend the night with her; 3 more, $2500. 90% of respondents would pay $2500 or more for one night with her. Only one of the people who responded deemed this hypothetical event only worth $1000.

Now here's something funny: I had two males ask me why there wasn't a $10,000 choice! They "surely would've picked that one," they both said! I told them we're in a recession, times are very tough, and I selected the choices based on what I thought would be realistic. Fun(ny) stuff.

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