Friday, May 1, 2009

Justice Souter will retire. Obama to appoint replacement. Conservative heads exploding.

I didn't think it would be Souter, actually. Lots of people will be weighing in, of course, with all number of suggestions and comments, most of which will be utter bullcrap. I just have a couple quick thoughts running around:
Sen. Specter's decision has just become more significant.
(former) Senator Coleman's stubborn refusal to accept reality has also become more significant.
There's a very good chance Obama's nominee will coast to confirmation (once Sen-elect Franken is seated), and that could be a ... gasp!... "librul"!
Justice Alito's and Justice Scalia's heads may explode. Thomas' will probably just melt.

I bet two more Justices hang it up soon, too.

ps: I'm hoping for a woman to be appointed, preferably African-American or Hispanic.

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