Tuesday, May 5, 2009

new study: Each Illegal Immigrant Cost Britons 1million pounds (1.5million in US dollars)

while this isn't a study regarding the American taxpayer's cost per illegal immigrant, many of the problems, ramifactions, and truths do indeed apply. I thought this was a very interesting article, and I have read similar studys that have been done with regards to illegal immigration, and the burden it puts on America's services and taxpayers, both directly and indirectly. I will try and find them. To me (nobody asked but it's my bleepin' blog! - and Pilgrim's), this is one of the bigger issues facing our country, due to the sheer numbers of illegal immigrants coming here every year, and it frustrates me, because the fact is that the solution to stop illegal immigration (unlike other big problems we face), is relatively easy to fix: simply keep illegal immigrants out. I am talking about all illegal immigrants, not just those at our southern border, although, they are the biggest problem. I will write more on this in the future, and post some different studies I come across (from both sides of the equation), but here's what needs to happen, and if I was President, this is what I would do:
1) Simplify our LEGAL IMMIGRATION PROCESS. Anyone the world over should be able to apply to come to America legally. The process to apply is a nightmare of a clusterfuck currently. it's BEEN that way. Simplify the application process.
2) NO illegal immigrants come to America. See "#1." Simply apply to come LEGALLY.
3) let most of the 20 million illegal immigrants who are already here, stay. If we can do these three things moving forward, and we most DEF can, we will be on our way to a better America. sj

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Each illegal immigrant costs us £1m, says study as Government faces calls for amnesty
By Daily Mail Reporter
May 4th, 2009

An amnesty allowing illegal immigrants to stay in Britain would cost taxpayers £1million for each newcomer, a shocking new report revealed today.
The massive sum reflects the costs of handouts and other state services provided over the lifetime of the average immigrant.
The figure would also apply to many of those who have already been granted asylum in Britain, according to campaign group Migrationwatch which commissioned the study.

Their revelation came as thousands of churchgoers, trade unionists and charity workers today prepared to rally in London in support of an ‘earned amnesty’ for 450,000 foreigners.
The coalition argues that providing permanent residency for those long-term illegal immigrants who meet certain conditions – roughly half the total – would bring in more than £1billion of tax a year.
But Migrationwatch warned that such an amnesty would overburden the public purse during a recession and only tempt more migrants into the country.
‘Our calculations show the numbers are truly enormous, adding an unacceptable – and entirely unnecessary - burden to the nation’s balance sheet,’ said the group’s chairman Sir Andrew Green.

‘It is clear that not only is rewarding illegal behaviour wrong in principle but the experience of Spain and Italy shows conclusively that it encourages even more illegal immigration in anticipation of future amnesties.
‘This is a ridiculous proposal which is bound to increase illegal immigration rather than reduce it. It is also a shocking waste of public money at a time when we can least afford it.’

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