Thursday, September 24, 2009

morning thoughts...

1) sampled some of the new Alice in Chains. Folks, it sounds like Layne Staley has risen from the grave to sing on the new record. new singer's name is William DuVall. He's toured w/ them in his own band, and also sung w/ them the last few years on some reunion shows. Plays guitar as well. Great voice. If you liked AIC, you'll like the new stuff too.
2)Tired of Philly peeps crying over closer, Brad Lidge's shortcomings this season (last season he perfect). For one, we don't have anyone else. Secondly, a great cure would be if the offense scored more runs!
3) Michael Ian Black on tour, w/ fellow 'stater,' Michael Showalter; playing rock and roll joints/smaller venues it appears. I am stoked!
4) the new iPhone Starbucks app is great, if you're a road tripper or travel a lot: gives you updated locations anywhere. Haters, piss off - dissing starbucks is Sooooo 2004.
5) Nader (new book out), don't go away mad; just go away...

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