Tuesday, September 22, 2009

something you want to say? pissed off? a short story? a review? a project of sorts you'd like to try on line?

peoples, if there is anyone out there who visits this blog occasionally, likes our topics (don't have to agree w/ any!), finds any of it interesting, and would like to contribute: please do! we need more input, more original content, rants, takes, pieces, opinions, stabs, creative writing, commenting on/posting select news items, goings-on around the world, charity awareness, info on movements, dreams, stories, beer reviews, music/movie reviews, food reviews, anything, and everything that this blog is: enlightening, informative, opinionated, educational, fun/funny, and more!

have a short story? post it here! have some thoughts or a long-winded take on something that you just can't post on facebook? let me know, and we'll get it posted here! I need some more and varied input and original content on here. If you're up for a daily post, or want to try something for a week or month straight, let me know, we can make it happen. a video blog, a podcast, whatever! if you have your own blog and want me to link it from here, I'm happy to. let me know! contact me here for any questions or responses: jace1960@gmail.com

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