Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Support Gay Marriage: buy Ben & Jerry's Hubby Hubby ice cream!

"Weee--HAHH!!! DO you love it?!?!" The Ben & Jerry's co-founders and their company seriously rule. - sj

Who would have thought ice cream and fashion would be anything more than an oxymoron? But now here’s some caloric indulgence worth undertaking: Ben & Jerry’s is releasing a new ice cream flavor in support of gay marriage. Cheekily called “Hubby Hubby,” the carton features the Vermont company’s signature cartoons this time with a wedding cake and rainbows. Plus, the peanut-butter filled pretzels and vanilla malt ice cream is just the perfect mix of salty and sweet.

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Anonymous said...

This is the best news ever. My absolute favorite is chubby hubby but it is so absurdly fattening I never get it. Now I can eat pints and pints of hubby hubby guilt free! - Amy G.