Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Johnny Rotten for Country Life Butter!

So a friend of mine is in London on business, working away in his hotel room, when this advert appears on the tele. I love Johnny. always will.

Here's what I say to those who cry "sellout"..If you watch it, he's casting aside, and blowing off Britian (or at least their relevancy in his decision-making) in this commercial. Really, he's remaining true to form (and punk ideals). As a youngster in the Sex Pistols, he always said, "punk and rock & roll is not about the clothes you wear, and the like; it's about what's real. Honesty." so, when he says, "do I buy this butter because of Britsh cows," (or this and that), and answers "no, I buy it because it tastes the best," he's cutting through the nonsense, as it were, and being honest. It tastes the best. Period. What, the guy can't make a commercial and some $? it's over 30 yrs ago, he fronted, and let's be honest, made the Sex Pistols, for crying out loud! He'd tell you himself, he's an "old geezer!" Johnny is one of me few idols in life. He rules. And he can't do any wrong. He kicked many established entities in the teeth, as a youth (mainstream radio, ruling record labels, the British Government, promoters, weak-arse popular mega-rock acts, to name just a few), and exposed them for what they were: weak and dishonest mo-fo's, towing the party line; and he did it w/ flair, fun & fervor. There will be no dissing of Britian's real King, on my watch, people!

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