Wednesday, November 4, 2009

World Series, Game 6, live bloggin'...from 5th inning thru end..

5th inning begins…

9:44 – need another beer to go w/ my wine.

9:47 – sweet hit by Jeter. Fuck, he is awesome. Nice bunt, gets Jeter to third.

9:53 - wow, we really don't have one pitcher from our bullpen that can come in and just take care of business. not a one. not this series anyway.

can you tell I'm a little bored?

10:02 – this game is over. Time to watch some DVR’s comedies and WSOP!

10:11 – what point was Joe Buck just trying to make, when he said: “many people criticize the Yankees for buying championships, with C.C., Burnett and A-Rod totaling about $500 million dollars, but them you have Pettitte who only makes $5 Million…” What the hell was that? Yes, Steinbrenner buys championships. Literally. It’s why Yankees are the most-hated sports team in the world.

10:39 – Top of the 7th, 7 to 3 Yankmees. Time to switch to the other World Series. The World Series of Poker. Fuck the Yankees.

10:51 – still here. Utley did NOT go all the way around on that check-swing. Ridonkulous call by the 3rd base ump. Friggin idiot.

11:07 – falling asleep….

11:53 – Yankmees win. And they STILL suck. Fuck ‘em. Now, more than ever….

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