Wednesday, November 4, 2009

World Series, Game 6, live bloggin'...pre-game thru 4th inning

All times PM, except when it becomes AM.

7:53 - For the record – and as seen here on this blog several posts ago - my prediction was Yankmees in 6. Do I hope I’m wrong? Fuck yeah!

Is it true Yankees stadium hasn’t sold out once this entire year?

7:56 – doing dishes and singing Jesus Christ Superstar, in order. I have sung – and can sing – every lyric to this rock opera, several times in my life. Pretty awesome. Got the double vinyl in 7th grade, from Columbia Record Club, 7 records for a penny. The other records I got in that bunch?

-Shaun Cassidy’s first solo record.
-Steve Martin’s “Wild & Crazy Guy”
-“Endless Summer”, killer Beach Boys comp
-“Back in Black” by ACDC

…yes, the double-vinyls counted two records…

8:00 – the Flyin’ Hawaiin’s on base! Shane Victorino is from Hawaii and cliff dives from as high as 60ft.

I am concerned about Pettitte. He’s been the model of consistency this post-season, and pitching well.

8:05 – and here comes Pedro!

Good inning. 1 down. He’s gotta watch it though, 2 well hit balls (for outs) dropped just short of the home run fence.

8:14 - Ryan Howard is BE-yond due! He’s trying too hard.

8:22 – wow, so regular season seats, 10 rows behind the dugout, are $600 a game, I heard. Gonna have to check w/ Lee Mazzola on that one, see if it’s tru or not. Friggin insane.

8:27 – is it wrong to walk Gay-Rod? I don’t think so.

Does anyone have a direct ph. number to FOX sports producers? Someone needs to tell them to leave their damn stats/graphics up on the screen for longer than TWO SECONDS! Am I the only one that has noticed this? The most they’re up there is three. No bullshit. Usually, it’s two seconds. It’s ridiculous. Even just a pitch count/balls/strikes graphic is difficult to read in that short amount of time, much less the other long-winded stats baseball is known for.

8:34 – Christ, Pedro serving it up….on a silver platter, for Splat-sui.

8:45 – what a sweet hit and even better base running on a triple by “Chooch!” WOOT-WOOT!

8:53 – that’s great, the NY post front page, and the poster inside – even bigger – of Pedro in diapers. Actually, it’s stupid as hell, but it’s great that Pedro was showing it off in the locker room and thought it was funny as hell. I guess it’s so stupid it’s funny.

9:00 – BULLSHIT UMP. That pitch that walked Damon (great at bat by Damon by the way) was a STRIKE!

What is Pedro doing?!?! Holy crap, he’s hanging it out over the plate for Gay-Rod, w/ bases loaded! (after hitting Duh-Chera w/ the first pitch)….

NICE! Pedro struck-out Gay-Rod looking on a 3/2 pitch, that was definitely a ball. Guess there are make-up calls in baseball. You owed us one UMP!

9:15 – Wow. Guess Spalt-sui is Pedro’s daddy.

9:33 – End of the 4th. Yanks 4, Phills 3.

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