Thursday, January 29, 2009

"go Cards!," Blagoya-pong, CSI, "the keystone GOPrS!" ...streaming thoughts..

...I'm rooting for the Cardinals this Sunday in Superbowl 43 (by the way, am I the only one who didn't remember what number the roman numeral "L" represented?). Look, the Steelers have 5 Superbowl victories, and unless you're a FANATIC of the team, that is quite enough. I'd probably root for ANY other team in football to beat the Steelers if they were playing them this Sunday - except Dallas. As much as the Steelers are an organization and team I have mad respect for, and they are what a great football dynasty is all about, so are the Arizona Cardinals every bit a part of what makes professional football so good (although the polluting and misguided new rules to make the game "more entertaining for the casual fan" this last decade has made me want to say-goodbye for good, at times): they're a testament to what can happen when good ownership, a skilled, hard-working coach, and incredible players can achieve in a short time when they're all on the same page and have the same goal (no Andy, Jeffery and Joe "the Mouse" Banner, I don't include you and your "Gold Standard" in this sentiment). Anyway, some of my best friends are Steelers fans (!), and of course they're the other team from my home state, and they'll most likely win, but nevertheless, I'll be donning red first thing when I wake up this Sunday morning (it's a throwback Joe Montana Mitchell & Ness Jersey, who, by the way, are having their 3-day, semi-annual 50%-off sale any day now -maybe now!). I like the underdog almost always. And I don't want to see the Steelers become football's Yankees (the sport's most parades).

...Ahhh, the corrupt and the clueless....I'm glad Blago was never taken seriously by a single bleepin' soul. Seriously. He just never mattered. Not now, not before, not ever (59-0 to oust him today!). Has anyone heard on "the tapes" what the highest bid actually was for Obama's former senate seat? We heard EVERYTHING else; why not the only thing anyone actually gave a crud about? I was just thinking, it would be a dream come true if Dem political scandals got no worse than this these next 8 years! maybe the next guy will be even funnier!

..."fugheddaboutit, eh!?" ... take Soprano's, House, Gray's Anatomy, Wire, Lost and the other favorite dramas out there and put them in the "wannabe-bin." The original CSI is STILL the best drama on television. Period. People pay good money to go to the movies and not see action, intrigue, and thrills on this level. THIS season specifically, has been fantastic; one of the best in their 9-year run (so far). TiVo them, DVR them, get 'em 'on demand', "where-ev!" But if you haven't been watching, you've been missing out on the best-written, superiorly-produced, fabulously-acted, most consistent, drama on television.

...still in shock, angry, and outright hurting, every one of you house republicans did indeed vote against Obama's stimulus package today (" said, 'stimulus package'"). Whatever. Maybe all Senate republicans will do the same thing next week, and like today, the stimulus will pass without you. Then, even more people can see how irrelevant you are actually becoming. One thing I'm very hopeful about, should your insolence continue: it won't take long for Obama, and the remaining democratic members of congress who, for whatever reason, still think there's hope for you, to stop making concessions for you. Why give you concessions if we don't need your vote to get bills passed and stuff done? I think Pelosi, Reid, and many Democrats are happy to have their backbones back (after 8 years of not) since the election, and I expect them to begin asserting themselves, and once they get comfortable with that, to start pushing you around like the half-wits you are. All for the good of the country of course!

...Man. Props to Alton Brown! He is a true original. His Good Eats show is just awesome. Mentally, you just can't keep up with guy. You just can't.

...The Dark Knight was one of the best action/crime/good vs bad/superhero movies ever made. It's telling that the people who give awards out for this kind of greatness in filmmaking, don't see it for that.

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rischelle said...
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rischelle said...

Three comments:
1) You should include Cleveland and Baltimore as teams you would not want to ever beat Pittsburgh.
2) Of course Arizona has good coaching! Their head coach is our former offensive coordinator - the same offensive coordinator that we had when we won the last Super Bowl in Detroit.
3) You and John McCain now have something in common. Scary, isn't it? :)

P.S. I had to delete my previous comment, as I found a spelling error, and the teacher in me, and the person I am, was going crazy...OCD.

spacejace said...

good one Rischelle! That's funny!

Joshua said...

*Joshua breathes a sigh of relief at the break in hostilities between the opposing factions of the Keystone State wings of his family.*