Thursday, January 8, 2009

St. Bernardus Beer. This stuff kicks. " a most de-lightful way!"

(click on headline to go to St. Bernardus site to learn and salivate)

This is what I drank on New Year's Eve. Great friends of ours came over with this mixed case of St. Bernardus Belgian beer. There were six different kinds. They were divvied up by six-packs, with each six-pack containing the complete "set," if you will. Wow. They all had the perfect blend of smoothness, taste and punch. And quite original; different than a lot of other top Belgian beers I've had before. Straight up: these beers crushed Chimay's 3 most popular styles. They lasted also, as we savored them without even realizing it. We drank a 6-pack each, through a chill dinner, and afterwards; pain I was not feeling. A case isn't cheap ($100, give or take), but I tell you true, these beers are worth it. Highly recommended.

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