Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"President Obama." Say it again. "President Obama." Sweet. Totally sweet.

So after work, running around, getting the kids to bed, we celebrated Tuesday night. It was low-key, but awesome; just basking and relaxing in the moment. Stoked for America's first black President. Relieved to the core, we don't have to look and cringe at Bush anymore. We watched the news and wrap-up from the day's proceedings (CNN and MSNBC are such superior networks) and then some of the inaugural balls, while we ate marinated and grilled rack of lamb, with a baked potato and sugar-snap peas. Like, YUM.

Couple quick thoughts on the neighborhood ball...

What a creative, original, great Idea the Obama team had! To think up, debut and establish this new ball, which is for the purpose (as I understand it) of introducing the incoming President, and his or her family to the people who live in the immediate communities, is just extraordinary. Obama just thinks like this; he's a community organizer, after all!

Beyonce sang the first song and she sounded great, and the Obama's danced, and it was quite a sight. So cool. The whole neighborhood ball was cool!

Michelle could've done much better with a different dress. It just didn't make any sense; it was a bad design, with some sand-colored 'piping' all over it, and it was thick and bulky. She's tall, beautiful, sexy and smart, for crying out loud! Where's the sophisticated and "wow" dress to match? Beyonce was wearing one.

Would it have hurt Jay Z to practice his rap once, before he hit the stage? Man. One line into the song you could tell he was having issues. Jay Z fans out there (Jud?): is that a new song, or no? It sure seemed like he never sang it before; he never got in a flow. It was painful to watch.

How many more decades do I have to be reminded that Bon Jovi still exists? Seriously. Months go by and you don't even realize that you have completely purged them from your mind and life; they're just dead and gone. And then they appear! How many more decades? Give me a bleepin' number!

Erica Hill and Anderson Cooper make an awesome team. A live, two-hour news show, every weeknight, that's as informative as AC360 (not the best name ever) is, is hard to pull off. They (and a staff of 100), do a fantastic job.

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