Friday, July 24, 2009

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on my mind the last 24 hours...

Michael & Michael Have Issues - Best/Funniest new show on TV. Comedy Central, Wednesdays, 10:30PM. Watch.

I am truly looking forward to the day that George W. Bush, Cheney, Rush, Hannnity, Bill O'Reilley, G. Gordon Liddy, and Pope Ratzinger die. I still can't believe how much fucking damage and death they've inflicted the world with.

They make synthetic lattice in 10 different colors; why not redwood, to match my deck?

Obama needs to keep congress working on universal healthcare, however, he needs to drop the deadline crap. If he continues to tie his presidency to it, he won't win re-election, not to mention, the republicans and will get back a lot of seats in congress. America needs him for a full 8 years. Healthcare is a big, complex, bastardized, fucking mess, with the industry weighing in, corporate lobbyists corrupting the process at every goddamned turn, and we need to take our time with it, to make sure when it's implemented, it has teeth. The republicans gained tremendously, for years and years when the Clinton congress failed at gettign a bill to the Senate, even. We can't repeat that history. Work on it, but take a couple years if necessary. Dont' sell the farm Obama. Oh yeah, I'm all for taxing the fuck out of the rich (until I have lots of money), but that still won't be enough to pay for it. Wait a year or two and see if the economy gets back on track. It will be a much easier sell. If Bush's 8 year abortion never happened, we could implement it immediately, but he decided to not pay for Medicare, and pissed away trillions on bailouts, and an unnecessary war. Fucking asshole.


Speaking of...Is anyone gonna ask Judge Sotomayer what her view is on the women's right to choose, w/ regards to re-productive health and legal abortion? Or have they already and I missed it?

Fuck the Lakers, Fuck the Yankees.

Quote of the week: "enjoy life. it's later than you think."

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