Wednesday, April 1, 2009

42 years down, 42 to go!

So yesterday was my 42nd Birthday. Thanks Mom & Dad! If I'm lucky enough to live another 42 years that will be quite enough. 84 sounds like a good age to say good-bye; I'm gonna be tired. What, you wanna live forever?

Look who else was born on March 31st: King Henry II of France (1519), Gordie Howe (1928), Barney Frank (1940), Christopher Walken (1943), Gabe Kaplan (1945), Al Gore (1948), Rhea Perlman (1948), and Angus Young (1955)!

And look who died on March 31st: Sir Isaac Newton (1727), Anne Frank (1945), Jesse Owens (1980), Brandon Lee (1993), Selena (1995), Frank Perdue (2005), and MERCIFULLY, Terri Schiavo (2005).

A few things that happened on March 31st: Daylight saving time goes into effect in the United States for the first time (1918). The first election is held in Greece after World War II (1946). The first Wrestlemania, the biggest wrestling event from the WWE, takes place in Madison Square Garden in New York (1985).


Anonymous said...

Dave Wyndorf said belated happpy beginning-day for you. He wanted to make sure you heard it so we hooked up a doxen 6" x 12"'s all run off a rack of daisy-chained stereo 2700WATT PA amps in series out a Quadraverb GT 1/4" lead.

Jace said...

SssWWEEEEET! Is there a podcast of it?!?!