Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fuck You Cheney!

Hey Cheney: are you aware that you made the concious decision to orchestrate the release of a CIA Agent's name to the entire world, or are you too senile to remember that?

Your passionate but hollow defense of our national defense and homeland security as of late (along with your oh-so-faux patriotism), is now, and has ALWAYS been laughable. YOU GAVE NATIONAL SECURITY SECRETS AWAY TO THE ENEMY, when you released Valerie Plame's name! YOU compromised America's national security you insufferable ingrate!

Nobody with a brain believes you anymore with serious matters such as war, homeland securtity, terror, gitmo, et all (if they ever did); Please! Answer this, half-wit:

Are we still in the "last throes?"

Are we "greeted as liberators" yet?

Just where are those pesky WMD's?

How's the whole "spreading democracy throughout the middle east" thang going?

You are a fucking disgrace to America, Dick, and I wish you had the balls to debate me in public about your ideals, actions and miserable life, which has set this country back many years. You are no friend of veterans, no friend of federal agencies, and you've brought no good to America whatsoever, in your entire life above ground. Bill Maher was right on when he said "more people in the world will live" when you die. Rest assured, the day that happens, most Americans will celebrate.