Friday, April 3, 2009

"That Chick Sports Show" debuts THIS Saturday!

"That Chick Sports Show: Chicks in Sports and Chicks on Sports...and the Men Who Love to Watch."

My new, hilarious, and super-cool friend, Erica Vanstone debuts her own radio show, this saturday, April 4th, at 3:00PM eastern time! The show is called "That Chick Sports Show," and if you live in South Jersey or near Philadelphia, you can tune into 1360AM WNJC on your radio and check it out! If you can't get it on the radio, you can go here and click on 'listen now,' and get it streaming to your computer, via internet!

Here is a summary from the TCSS facebook page: "Contrary to popular belief, lots of women really dig sports—we’ve even been known to participate in them from time to time. Crazy, but true!

We do, however, think about sports differently than men. For us, it's a commitment. Not just a cheap thrill. So it’s time we had a show that explores sports the way women like to think about them: Nice 'n' slow, with some humor and sass on the side.

We’ll cover the serious and the not-so-serious side of all levels of sports. And ask the kinds of the questions men would never dare to ask...out loud!

Each week we'll check in with sports news, both locally and beyond. And we'll chat with our Dude du Jour--one of a rotating cast of local sports fans and friends who'll stop by to add his voice to the mix. (Because nothing makes a chick happier than a healthy debate with a male colleague...right?)

Whether you appreciate the subtle bouquet of sports and its subcultures, or you prefer sports trivia broken down into easily digestible chunks, "That Chick Sports Show” has a little something for every palette."

There is a lot more information on the TCSS facebook page as well, including scheduled guests for the next 4 shows! Please listen, please join the facebook fan page, and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Erica is awesome and the show is gonna rock! I'm totally stoked for her!

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