Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Will the BS Never End?

I can't pass this up. In light of Glenn Beck, et. al's., paranoid delusions....I give you an excerpt of Hunter's (as usual) excellent post from Daily Kos:
We've had a president who decided that he could revoke the citizenship of Americans based on his own say-so -- and no conservatives were worried about their loss of rights. We've had a government assert that it could spy on any communications, without warrant or cause -- and no conservatives took to the streets, alarmed at the threat to their Constitutional protections. We found out we went to war over a weapons program that didn't exist -- oops. We found out that we subjected innocent, though brown, people to imprisonment without recourse, and others to torture so cruel that it rendered them mentally incompetent. We buried the nation in a mountain of debt -- well, them's the breaks. We forked over billions of dollars in giveaways to oil companies that were already making larger profits than any other companies in the history of the world -- hell, gotta keep John Galt in caviar. None of it raised a peep from any of you, you were all fine with it. The government could do no wrong -- except not going far enough.

Beck (and those like him) is a moron. A well-to-do moron, but a moron nonetheless. Give the guy credit, he's making his money...even as a spokesman for GM, cashing his own stimulus check from Uncle Sam.
And of course, Faux News is FAUX News. As the paranoid militia-wannabe-patriot brigades snatch up guns-n-ammo at record pace, the idiotocracy that is the "Axis of Weasel " (Rush, the drug-addled gasbag, Sean Insanity, Glenn "the hemorrhoid with eyes" Beck, etc., including Michelle "harpy" Malkin) fan the flames of, um...patriotism...wagging tea bags in protest, um...I'm not quite sure:
Friends, some former Ron Paul supporters are now being courted by "radicals" stressing a new revolution of working class Americans against Obama and his big business supporters. is one of their biggest voices. In truth, our heroic gun totin' woodsmen are actually following Washington DC public relations firm Shirley & Bannister public affairs, a front group for the Bush family and the insurance industry.

The "tough guys" being organized into Milita units to march on Washington DC are being led by a front group funded by Westinghouse Corporation, Prudential Insurance, AETNA Insurance, the DuPont family, the Forbes family, McDonald Douglas, nuclear power plant builders and about a hundred groups made up of Washington lawyers and lobbyists.

So, you, like, mean that the "populist outrage" over Obama's agenda

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