Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Are you THREATENING me!?"

1 out of 4 people in Texas want to secede from the United States. What are y'all waiting for? If you and the mainstream media (FOX News, Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh) put the same passion to work on becoming your own country, as you did for your tea parties (however small that output actually was), you might actually have a chance! Just make sure you and the mainstream media don't veer from your tried and true success strategies of outright lying to the masses about what Obama is truly trying to do as President: plenty of folks who are less educated and mentally-crippled will join your cause in no time! I will personally donate $100 to the first, legitimate, organzied movement for this secession action - and I will spread the word on this blog daily. Good luck!

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pilgrim99 said...

I'll donate $100 for Texas to secede, too! And good luck with your own military, social security, international treaties, highway funding, etc.....