Friday, March 13, 2009

ccc mobile blogging test #2

An excellent, full-bodied Pale Ale!


MrReRe said...

I love me some Dogfish Head! Best I ever tried from them was the 75-minute, a blend of the 60 and 90. Quite tasty!

Jace said...

Great pic Jeff! Been meaning to say hi! love the 75-minute idea, that's great. The 90 is too much for me, bro.. So, be sure to check back next week, I'm gonna be live blogging from sxsw fest in Austin TX! Also, if you have a gmail or other account similar you can 'follow' this blog, where your thumbnail pic is in w/ others on the blog page who are following. I love that you're checking it out from time to time; thanks dude! How's Cincy treating you and the family?