Wednesday, March 18, 2009

tired. oh so...tired... are we gonna make it? We're on our "siesta" now, back at my brother's house. and we're beat. really beat. we gotta catch an hour nap and head back out by 8:30 for the Dicks w/ David Yow, Circle Jerks, Roky Erickson w/ Black Angels, Maserati, and others...oi vey. It's only halfway through day one, and we're so tired now. I guess we are getting old after all.

We've seen about 7, 8 bands so far. tv/tv sucked. Posers. After that we saw tag-a-long, who were great: think early Epitath (sp?)/Nitro style band, happy-punk. They were selling customized large underwear from their merch-booth. They kicked it. Then we saw Thermals, who were halfway through their set, and they were really good. Red 7, as well as so many other places down here, have indoor stages, and outdoor stages. It's awesome. Total "mardi gras" feel, as blocks and roads are closed off, people stumbling/drinking in the street, endless fun; endless bands. Saw DMG$ (damaged goods) on our way out of the Thermals show; a couple other 'whatever' bands, and then we saw Annihilation Time. This band rules. They are Punk/Metal. An equal blend of punk/metal. They wrecked shop. a 5-piece (at Emo's) that just shredded. Think Black Flag/Thinn Lizzy/Tank: a bleepin' blitzkreig! Check these guys out if you like full-on, maniacal punk (or Metal). Then we checked out Grant Hart (yes, Husker Du), and he was good; we didn't stay too long 'cause we had to get back to catch some sleep for tonight's round. Just grant and an electric gtr. Good songs, a legend to be sure, but nothing phenomenal, from what we saw.

Now we're resting for a bit, then back to it. So much for my nap. I'll post some pics after this post.

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