Sunday, March 22, 2009

In airport..

Not a whole lot to report on from yesterday, with regards to band
action, because we didn't see many! Had a lazy start at Bro's place,
ate ribs for lunch; by the time got down town, it wasafter 4pm.
Neither Matt or me were feeling great, then before you know it, Matt
got really sick. We decided to call it a day after slogging around a
little bit... Went back to bro's house, who had some good friends
over, and we barbecued and chilled out. Philly, here we come!

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Jerry Hill said...

Great updates!
I'm 2nd-hand tired...

spacejace said...

BubbaLoooooooooo!!! Thanks. My first 'semi-live' blogging adventure, It went great I thought! We walked about 5 miles a day. About 35 bands in all, plus a bunch of other stuff. It truly was tiring though. Catch up more soon, Bubba, lots of work to do!