Sunday, March 1, 2009

my trip to the market today... blogged by me to facebook, via status comments...

status update:
I am prepared to die: our highly educated local weathermen/women just reported on tonight's imminent "Snowpocalypse 2009!!!" 7:38am

Karl at 7:42am March 1
Snowpocalypse? In Philly? What does that mean, more than 1/2 inch? (/snark)

spacejace at 7:51am March 1
Yes dude; Philadelphians have become embarrassingly soft the last decade in this respect.

Karl at 8:15am March 1
I just checked your forecast. You're gonna need a snowblower.

Darlene at 8:15am March 1
jason- remember the blizzard of 93 ? that was awesome- almost as good as the summer they didn't pick up trash!

Kelly at 8:18am March 1
That sounds pretty sirious....

Jennifer at 8:47am March 1
You're starting to sound like my father, let's all rush out and buy milk and bread!!!

spacejace at 9:43am March 1
Totally, Jen. I'm off to the local smacme soon for our weekly food shopping, and I fully expect the masses to be buying their cake ingredients (milk, eggs, sugar, et al) for the impending lockdown the next several days! How are you Jen?! How many kids do you have, two? they're adorable!

Dave at 10:09am March 1
Buffalo NY scoffs at us.

spacejace at 10:34am March 1
French Toast, I meant; That's what my buddy Matt says: "every time there's a threat of even a dusting of snow, people are compelled to head to the store to get their ingredients to make French Toast: eggs, milk, bread..."

spacejace at 10:38am March 1
well, I'm off to Smacme now.... Got my my iPod, along with my old school, big, bulky, gigantic headphones. On tap: Nas, Torche, Mastodon, Minor Threat, Los Natas, MF Doom and Hives...

spacejaceat 11:12am March 1
I'm parked and on my way in..wait! There are no carts! It's a mess. But I have Jhnny Rotten to help put up with the...the...people.

spacejace at 11:35am March 1
Leaving produce section... Stay tuned for live blogging from my "last grocery store trip" (due to impending "Snowpocalypse!"

spacejace at 11:50am March 1
Soup aisle...cranking to first Monster Magnet..

spacejace at 11:57am March 1
Bullshit, wheat pasta costing almost twice as much as non...

spacejace at 12:12pm March 1
Use the right coupons, get what's on sale, use the recycable/our own bags... So much pressure...

spacejace at 12:26pm March 1
Paper aisle... Slow, but smooth sailing...people seem relatively okay with "the end"...Nirvana's "in utero" playing (extraordinary and remarkably underrated record)

spacejace at 12:33pm March 1
Bullshit, organic, cage-free eggs are about twice as much as regular..

spacejace at 12:50pm March 1
So big dude slips, falls, waks his head on supermarket floor; I couldn't feel a pulse, head out front to recall 911 (is a joke in your town), just as EMT 's got here. So...where was I?.. Oh yeah, Ramen noodles...

spacejace at 12:55pm March 1
Heading to checkout, jamming Orange Goblin...

spacejace at 1:16pm March 1
Home sweet home. 1hr 40 min...

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