Monday, March 16, 2009

my 2009 sxsw schedule

So, it's not finalized, but this is as close to what Matt and I would like to achieve this week, with regards to performances, artists and the like. In some cases, there are bands listed multiple times, which just gives us more opportunities to see them (since there are many times multiple acts we want to see are playing the same time). Also, not everything on here is 'must-see,' however, one never knows how the days/nights will shake out and where we're actually going to be at any give time, so we thought we'd leave some other possibilities on there. Sick. sj

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pilgrim99 said...

sj: The Thermals, nice. Peter Murphy? Wow. He's been around a while. New York Dolls? Seriously? Aren't half of them actually mummified? Circle Jerks...hmmm, also been around a while. The Meat Puppets, I think I saw them once, but I was probably wasted, so....Did Grant Hart get on with life like Bob Mould did? If so, that will be sweet. I'm going to have to call "no fair!" at Dinosoaur Jr. 'cause I want to be there! DEVO? The Rubber City Spud Boys? THE Devo? That rules. And all the newer stuff. "Sick" is right. Have a blast.