Thursday, March 19, 2009

...end of day 1

Grant Hart. He was okay; nothing special, sad to say.

The legendary Dicks at Austin Music Hall. Busted onto scene in early 80's w/ slew of other hardcore/punk bands; originally from Austin, Texas. They looked old, but were really god. Singer was funny and reminded me of Santa Claus. David Yow (Scratch Acid/Jesus Lizard) came out and sung a song with them, he was good as well. He stated in a recent interview, the Dicks were the only band he was ever scared to see, that's ow crazy/scary they were back in the day. And THAT's saying something, coming from him.

Another legend, Roky Erickson (13th Floor Elevators) came out and joined Black Angels for a song. What a mess he was: didn't think to put his drink down when he came out, so one of the Angels had to take his drink from him, and was explaining he could play better that way. Then, he was strumming and there was no sound, so another member had to turn up his gtr volume for him. Just a fucking mess of a person. Sounded good though!

Last show of night was Easy Action, fronted by John Brandon, another legend, formerly Negative Approach singer, and then Laughing Hyenas. Full-on rock, old Detroit style. They were very good. They played at Scoot Inn, one of the best joints down here so far: outside, w/ xmas lights hanging everywhere, and we even grabbed a brat from their mobile sausage stand for the ride home. Got home about 1:30AM.

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