Thursday, March 19, 2009

more music, day #2

Ms. Bea's. about 2PM, our first stop today (where we saw Snake Trap). Total chill vibe, today, Austin.

This was Skeletonwitch. Hardcore thrash metal. As fast as it can be played. Every song was about sorcerers, zombies, guts and flesh. One song was called, "no rest for the dead." Matt and I cracked up at some of the titles and in between song banter of these guys. There was an aggressive pit where people were getting hurt; one guy dislocated his shoulder it looked like. Not my favorite kind of music, but I did respect these guys for playing like they did. Notice the dueling white Ibanez Destroyers - or are they Blazers?

Juliette Lewis's band; don't even remember the name. We watched about 3 songs and had a killer Margarita. She was okay; kind of wanted to be Janis Joplin in a song or two. let's put it this way: she killed Keanu Reeve's band.

at the Scoot Inn, waiting for Pete Rock, which never happened. Again, another chill venue. Great down here.

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