Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day Three (2nd post)...

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Okay, so I heard a lot about this rapper named Cage. He was playing at one of my favorite places here, Club Deville, so I was stoked to see him. Notice anything wrong with him? He's white! I was surprised by that, but not nearly as surprised as I was by how much he sucked. I mean, anyone reading this could rap better, on the spot, improv, w/ a microphone! I am not kidding! I thought it was a schtick, a joke, I really did. He was just shouting basically in monotone. NO flow to speak of. I left halfway through his first song, babbling to everyone in line waiting to get in to turn around and don't waste your time. I didn't get a crowd of 150 people going off about him, at all.The worst "rapper" I ever heard in my life, by far.

Then there was this fool-of-a-man walking around w/ this band's logo on his back.

Running out of time here to blog, but these last 3 pics are of the 1AM Dino Jr. show at one of the sweetest places I've ever seen a band at. It was in a building that didn't have a ceiling, a big courtyard if you will, w/ plants, trees, cobblestones, balconies; very cool. And of course, Dino Jr slayed. As always. But i had never seen J. Mascis play with THREE full stacks before. He had them bent around him, almost in a semi-circle. Seriously, the guy is bleepin' nuts. But if this was the only show I saw down here, the trip would've been worth it. They were extraordinary, and played a tone of hits.

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