Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 2, Post-Siesta...

I'm running out of time to blog. Here are more bands we saw yesterday: Howl, Fuck Shovel, Mark Sultan, Obitz, Flower Travelin' Band, Idol Warship, John Forte, Reflection Eternal, Annihilation Time, Earthless, Circle Jerks. Remember, this is just the second half of day two (post-siesta). Some pics below..

Bartender at Radio Room had an interesting/fun way of serving beers!

This is the fabulous and very interesting Flower Travelin' Band; they began in the 70's, I think they're from Japan. Rennie recommended them to us, and they were fun and great. Think: 1 part Emerson, Lake & Palmer/2 parts Ozzy, Sabbath/2 parts Santanna, 3 parts some South Pacific Tiki Groove, and 2 parts Jam Band. And check out that Guitar!

John Forte. World's first acoustic guitar playing rapper. He was okay for the first 30 minutes...

Reflection Eternal, live band (drums, bass, two guitars, keyboard/sequencer, and a DJ using Mac laptop w/ his turntable), fronted by Talib Kweli. Scoot Inn was at capacity and it was a great crowd; about a 50/50 miw of black and white, everybody jumping and dancing. One of the best rap shows I've seen. Rap of the night: "...I got 'em contemplatin' suicide like Joy Division..."

Ms Bea's, a cool outdoor small joint w/ two bands, putting on about 20 bands per day.

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